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what to call about

Questions relating to Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts and strategic matters as well as implementation of internal investigations and special examinations.

life before Morris

Hamilton Law firm, Setterwalls, Freshfields, Stockholm District court and Gernandt & Danielsson.

something you should know

Martin loves sport, both watching and playing. And he's a decent chef (with a limited and unhealthy repertoire to counteract all the exercise).

earn-out clauses: tools in a deadlock at the negotiating table and when to use them

An earn-out is a form of additional purchase consideration which means that the price for a company depends on future events. > > >

the annual general meeting and the ban on public gatherings

On March 11, the government decided to restrict the possibility of holding public gatherings and public events in connection with the coronavirus (Covid-19). The decision is valid from 12 March and the restriction prohibits public gatherings with more than 500 participants. > > >