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business law:

banking & finance

Project finance, assets, acquisitions and export finance. Morris Bank- and finance group advise banks, finance institutes and borrowers on all aspects of banking and financing within ​sea, air and land. Please feel free to contact us!
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compliance & internal investigations

Compliance, management of the board and CEO, fraud, anti-corruption, trade sanctions, export controls and internal investigations. Compliance issues can sometimes sound like something out of a gripping thriller, but in reality they are mostly just dry formalities, albeit very important ones. Whatever your situation, you need a competent and confident partner by your side – someone from Morris.
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construction & real estate

Real estate transactions, property development, construction and infrastructure, letting and tenancy, property management, real estate- and construction disputes and other property-related issues. The real estate and construction industries are faced with all kinds of legal frameworks and challenges. We at Morris know exactly what is involved and are here to help you with anything from operational matters to complex projects. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.
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morris law works with geely

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kf fastigheter divests land in upplands-bro

scandinavian property group (spg) divests project in vårberg


Ownership issues, general meetings, board meetings, unlawful provision of loan matters, value transfers, share registers, articles of association, liquidations, redemption procedures, board and CEO responsibilities, shareholder agreements and emission agreements. Company law is a field where we are in our element and where we most enjoy working with clients like you.
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corporate commercial

Purchase and Manufacturing Agreement, Terms and conditions, Franchise and distribution Agreement, Development and Maintenance. Harmonised, industry-specific or individual. At national or international level, commercial activity is a minefield of contracts and agreements. We at Morris check, negotiate and draw up all the agreements you need for your operations. This is what we do best, leaving you free to devote yourself to what you do best too.
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Disputes, summons, arbitrations, settlements, court rooms and Judges These are all the things we so often associate with law, and precisely what we all try to avoid. Unfortunately, however, disputes have been cropping up for as long as mankind has roamed the earth, and sometimes they are simply unavoidable. If you get caught up in one, you’ll want someone from Morris on hand to help you. Someone with experience in dealing with contractual, rental and ownership disputes as well as warranty breaches and insurance cover. This experience gives us the expertise we need to find solutions and the empathy required to understand how disputes affect those involved.
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Human resource management, recruitment, employment contracts, terminations, discrimination and diversity issues, equality plans, rehabilitation responsibilities, matters relating to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, matters relating to trade unions: Employment law deals with some big, important issues. Issues that we tackle day after day with care, empathy and integrity. If you need support in this area, you can be sure that we at Morris have the experience to help you.
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equity capital markets

This is an exciting area which, in many respects, is right at the very heart of business law. At Morris, we have both the expertise and experience needed not only to guide you in the right direction, but also to offer you valuable advice along the way.
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flexqube getting listed on first north


Company insurance, review and interpretation of insurance terms, insurance claims, legal counsel in insurance disputes, representation in regulatory matters for Swedish and international insurance companies and contact with Sweden’s financial supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen). Our clients comprise of companies in an array of industries all over Sweden and the rest of the world. Issues, accidents and claims can happen to anyone, but the consequences can be limited.
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intellectual property, marketing & media

Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Marketing, Company Secrets, Licensing, Intrusion Protection and IP Strategies New media, channels and opportunities: intellectual property rights have always played a key role in the Swedish economy. In an increasingly competitive, globalised and web-based environment, there is also a growing need to protect your innovations and preserve their value. At Morris, we take pride in the fact that we strive to understand the world in which our clients operate and the specific challenges they face. This is what enables us to do our job well. Morris staff love development and are keen to be a part of it, not slow it down!
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g-star raw acquires 17 mono-brand stores

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personal data act becomes gdpr

our processing of your personal data

mergers & acquisitions

Buy and sell: securities, physical and immaterial assets. Purchase prices and additional purchase prices. Warranties, commitments, guarantees, M&A-insurances. Share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, pledge agreements and joint venture agreements. The Morris team has sound experience in dealing with business transfers – what’s more, we love what we do and know that this shows. We are equally happy to help mature start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, large firms, entrepreneurs and risk capitalists, whether they need assistance with negotiations, project management, strategic matters or planning. Our modern, efficient and usually very enjoyable approach is always geared towards finding solutions – preferably with the aid of digital tools.
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yellow brand protection acquired by corsearch

1539950681 ehrenborgnordic flooring

ehrenborg is acquired by kährs group

hissteknik i göteborg is acquired by pegroco invest ab (publ)

public procurement

Goods, services, thresholds, EC directives, equal treatment, non-discrimination, transparency, proportionality and reciprocity. Public procurement may seem complex and difficult to understand at first glance, but with a member of our team by your side, it is actually anything but. We also offer attractive package solutions that are very competitive, both economically and in terms of the results they produce.
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Sales, acquisitions, investments, dividends, generation change, emigration or home transfers, structuring and advisory services for companies or individuals. More or less all transactions have tax implications. We have the expertise and experience to help you or your company navigate your way through the jungle of tax legislation. We at Morris know that there are more than just tax aspects to consider. Deciding to move abroad or handing over your business to the next generation, for example, also involves dealing with completely different and much “softer” values. There are no laws to observe in this respect, but we have our finger on the pulse and would be more than happy to discuss these matters too.
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International trade, commercial agreements, letters of credit, customs, financing, transportation, transactions, logistics solutions, insurance, charter agreements and sanctions. In our globalised world, trading with other countries on a day-to-day basis is both necessary and a matter of course. You can maximise your opportunities and minimise the risks by teaming up with an expert legal partner. We at Morris will respond quickly to your enquiries and offer you sound guidance in all aspects relating to international trade. What’s more, you will find us really pleasant to work with.
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