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Issues related to transport law, insurance law and general business law

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Stockholm University, Gothenburg University

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With winter as her favourite season, Emma is a true ski fanatic, as long as it is downhill. She is also a trained/qualified ski instructor. Last but not least, Christmas is the highlight of her year.
Emma Bernhardsson Associate emma.bernhardsson@morrislaw.se +46 702 49 45 61

nsab 2015, time limitation and gross negligence

The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court has ruled, 28 June 2021, in Case BS-20144/2020-SHR, that the limitation period of one year in the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders 2015 (NSAB) also applies in cases where the freight forwarder or one of its subcontractors has caused damage due to gross negligence. > > >