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Morris offers industry-specific packaging tailored to the challenges and opportunities within the games and e-sports industry.

Games and e-sports are rapidly growing industries with many everyday life legal challenges such as contract management, intellectual property rights, and tax legislation. We are a law firm specializing in games and e-sports law that can help you navigate the legal landscape and current legal areas to ensure that your interests are protected in the best possible way.

bombee strengthens its global presence with business law

Bombee is a market-leading company in e-sports production and has produced the biggest e-sport events such as DreamHack, Overwatch League Grand Finals, and PGL Major Antwerp.

With the ambition to increase growth, Bombee aimed for a global expansion — a challenge they asked us to help them with. In collaboration with the Gaming team at Morris Law, a comprehensive analysis was conducted to map out Bombee’s unique needs and goals. Our task was to formulate a strategy and agreements that not only addressed the multifaceted legal requirements but also the market-specific aspects. Through our close collaboration with Bombee, we’ve been able to deliver tailored solutions that reflect their vision for global presence and growth. Morris Law is proud to have been part of their journey and contributed to strengthening their international presence in e-sports and gaming on a solid legal foundation.

how law contributed to global growth

Lurkit is a recognized tech company and a platform for growth in the global gaming world. With a vision to create the ultimate ecosystem, Lurkit aims to bring together industry key players to stimulate both commercial and creative expansion.

Morris’s collaboration with Lurkit has spanned across multiple legal areas. By providing expertise in contract law, intellectual property rights, and data protection, we have laid the foundation for a stable and sustainable growth strategy. Morris’s games team has worked on creating terms that not only protect Lurkit’s innovative tools and services but also enable effective marketing and analysis of gaming companies’ game products. We are proud to have supported Lurkit along the journey, from the early days to its current position as one of the key players in the gaming industry. Our commitment to Lurkit also underscores our ability to handle complex legal challenges and our dedication to the games industry.

the big idea

In an industry that is steeped in tradition, we are forging our own path. This is based on the belief that not everything was better in “the good old days”, that the law can be made more transparent and presented in a better way, that payment models can and will be reviewed and challenged, that new technology is there to be used, and that business law can and will therefore represent the interests of people and businesses – not lawyers. So simple, yet so challenging – that is our big idea!


a selection of our partners and clients

We are proud to have collaborated with many well-known names in the games and e-sports industries. From major events to game developers, we have helped them achieve their goals and realize their dreams. And that’s exactly what we love about working in this exciting industry – being a part of such a dynamic and innovative community.


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