trade extensions is acquired by coupa software inc.

Morris Law has assisted the sellers to Trade Extensions TradeExt AB in connection with the sale of all shares to the listed US software company Coupa Software Inc.

Trade Extensions TradeExt AB, based in Uppsala and founded in 2000, provides and develops procurement services through a cloud-based software platform for advanced strategic sourcing problems by using algorithms.

The US Company Coupa Software Inc., with a market capitalization of over SEK 11 billion, helping their customers to maximize their spend under management, achieve significant cost savings and drive profitability through a cloud-based spend management platform that connects hundreds of organizations representing the Americas, EMEA, and APAC with millions of suppliers globally.

Morris Law’s team mainly consisted of Olof Myhrman as responsible partner/lawyer (M&A), Caroline Ygge, partner/lawyer (IP), Robert Starck, partner/lawyer (Tax), Johanna Elvander Juhlin, lawyer (M&A) and Per Nylander (M&A).

Coupa Software Inc. was represented by Hannes Snellman with a team consisted of Claes Kjellberg as responsible partner/lawyer (M&A), Patrik Erblad, lawyer (M&A), Moa Fritzon Torbjelt (M&A) and David Riihonen (M&A).

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