the rotage group is acquired by weland

Morris Law has represented IMM Holding AB at its sale of the Rotage Group to Weland AB.

Rotage AB is a leading Swedish subcontractor offering services in laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, assembly and surface treatments. The company's complete and modern machinery fleet has created a competitive in detail and component manufacturing. The transaction also includes the subsidiary Plåtmodul in Mjölby AB, which is a high-producing industry for the manufacture of steel and sheet components.

The Weland Group is a family-owned group with concentration in Sweden but also with establishment in Denmark, Finland and Norway. All companies within the group produce and sell Swedish-made products, such as grating products, staircases and railings, mezzanine and gangways and sheet metal work etc.

“Morris is a safe partner to work with. They have effectively guided us through all the complex issues, been solution-oriented and created a nice atmosphere for the transaction. We are very pleased with the advice we have received”, says Mathias Larsson, CEO and co-owner of Rotage AB.

Morris's project group for the transaction has mainly consisted of Racine Ashjari and Per Nylander.

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