ratos new main owner of vestia group ab

Morris Law has been a legal advisor to the owners of the construction group Vestia Group AB in connection with the investment company Ratos becoming the new main owner.

Vestia operates in Gothenburg and works successfully according to a so-called “partnering model”, i.e. the work is followed up on the basis of an agreed target budget and where Vestia receives ongoing cost compensation and a predetermined fee. The customer and Vestia work transparently and make all crucial decisions together to achieve the best overall economy and efficient performance.

Ratos' business concept is to develop companies with headquarters in the Nordic region, which are or can become market leaders in the markets in which they operate. Ratos acquires 63% of the shares in Vestia, the majority of which are from two non-operating owners who sell their shares.

The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Morris Law's project group has mainly consisted of Racine Ashjari, Per Nylander and Jesper Almqvist.

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