nötudden becomes part of randviken fastigheter

Morris Law has assisted Nötudden Fastigheter Holding AB in the sale of all shares in the real estate company Nötudden Fastigheter AB. The buyer is a company within the Randviken Group which in turn has entered into a conditional sales agreement with the NGM-listed Raybased Holding AB which through a reverse acquisition will become the new Randviken Fastigheter.

Nötudden Fastigheter AB is a family-owned real estate company that directly and indirectly owns ten properties in the central parts of Nyköping, consisting of both residential and commercial premises.

Randviken's acquisition of Nötudden Fastigheter was followed up with further acquisitions and a direct sale to the NGM-listed Raybased Holding AB, which after the acquisition will change business focus, appoint a new board and management and change its name to Randviken Fastigheter AB (publ). The total deal includes 35 properties to a value of approx. SEK 2.8 billion that is added to the new company through a number of major sellers, of which Nötudden is one.

The agreement is conditional on the General Meeting of Raybased deciding to enable the acquisition.

Morris Law's project group has mainly consisted of Racine Ashjari and Per Nylander.

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