estea omsorgsfastigheter acquires property holdings in southern and central sweden

Morris Law has assisted Estea Omsorgsfastigheter AB (publ) in acquiring property holdings in southern and central Sweden at an underlying property value of approx. 415 MSEK.

Estea AB's wholly owned subsidiary and alternative investment fund, Estea Omsorgsfastigheter AB (publ), has acquired five properties located in southern and central Sweden at an underlying property value of approximately SEK 415 million. Closing will take place in three steps where the first closing was completed on 11 December 2020.

Estea Omsorgsfastigheter AB (publ) is an alternative investment fund with a strategy to own care and nursing properties, a segment characterized by fully or partially tax-financed tenants, long leases and a market demand with a low correlation to the economy.

Estea's CEO, Johan Eriksson, comments on the acquisition in fastighetsvä
”The acquisition means that we effectively allocate the contribution from the recently completed issue to five attractive properties that will make a positive contribution to the fund's earnings. All properties are in line with the fund's focus on wholly or partly state-financed tenants. We have an expansive acquisition strategy and will continue to open up for new capital acquisitions to act on the many opportunities we see in the market.”

Morris Law's project group has mainly consisted of Racine Ashjari, Malin Grüneberger, Kevin St. Hill and Per Nylander.

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