baldacci takes on new principal owner

Morris Law advised the owners of Baldacci AB when they took on the new majority shareholder Storskogen 3 Invest AB.

Storskogen is an investment company that acquires and develops small and medium-sized companies, primarily in Sweden. Storskogen aims to be long-term principal owners of its portfolio companies.
Baldacci is a leading distributor of hair products. reputable brands such as OLAPLEX, O&M, EVO, Toppik and Björk. Baldacci has offices in both Sweden and Denmark.

”We are very pleased with the help we received from Morris Law. The project team worked hard, gave us swift feedback and produced high-quality work results, all in order to create the best possible deal for us.”, says Daniel Odehn (co-owner and CEO of Baldacci).

Morris Law's project group consisted mainly of Racine Ashjari, Per Nylander and Therese Andersson.

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