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Drafting, negotiation and reviewing of Commercial Agreements, IT-related matters and Digitalisation, Intellectual Property Law, Compliance and Regulatory issues with focus on Life Science, Medtech, MDR, Data Protection and GDPR.

life before Morris

MAQS Advokatbyrå, Semcon AB, Advokatfirman Delphi, University of Copenhagen and University of Gothenburg

something you should know

Siri loves all kinds of creative activities, from painting and sewing to building care, restoration and renovation of old houses. Siri also plays the violin and has spent a large number of hours in symphony orchestras both in Sweden and abroad.
Siri Mårtensson Hjälmberg Partner, Advokat +46 701 60 39 53

privacy shield rejected by the european court of justice

Time to review the processor relationships and the data processing agreements. Again. > > >

stricter requirements for med-tech products – are you ready for the new mdr?

Stricter requirements for Med-tech products – are you ready for the new MDR? > > >