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Questions related to transportation law, insurance, finance, dispute resolution and general commercial law

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University of California San Diego, University of Lund

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Anna is a popcorn loving dog-person who likes to get things done yesterday. She also likes the ocean and has enjoyed life living by the Pacific Ocean.
Anna Helland Senior Associate, Advokat - On parental leave +46 738 26 22 23
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princess yachts west sweden acquires dansk bådcenter ii aps

Princess Yachts West Sweden AB, the distributor of Princess Yachts in Western Sweden, acquired the Danish company Dansk Bådcenter II Aps. Princess Yachts West Sweden AB also acquired the business of the Norwegian company Nye Norsk Båtsenter AS. Through the transactions Princess Yachts West Sweden AB has expanded its sales operations to Denmark and western Norway and is now the biggest distributor of Princess Yachts boats in the Nordic. > > >